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Cannot Load Command System Halted Dos

Select Fail and you'll be told that the current drive is no longer valid. Sometimes it is difficult to find the correct drivers for your hardware. Solutions 1.1 Increased the DOS environment from 512 to 1024 using the shell command in the CONFIG.SYS file and the problem disappeared. How to fix it There are two options for this state of affairs. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-command-system-halted-ghost.html

Bush Print Pages: [1] Go Up « previous next » MechWarrior: Living Legends » Public Discussion » Tech Forum (Moderators: SJ SaKhan Wolf, Vic-Viper.v1) » Memory allocation error cannot load COMMAND, Are you typing format C from the A prompt? How to fix it Once again, check it out with a bootable floppy disk and try copying COMMAND.COM Over to the hard disk. How to fix it The solution to the first problem is to go back, delete the damaged file and copy a fresh version over from the master disks. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/282064

Normally all DOS files for a particular version will have the same file date stamp - in the case of MS-DOS 6.2 it's 30/09/93. I guess I don't know the difference between the two? You want to be at A and then type fdisk. http://www.belarc.com/ rgarr05-11-2003, 07:33 PMSunny, I thought it should take more than a minute.

or /HELP, after the program's name. Read the links I posted. How to fix it If you have a 386SX or above you can use the memory between 640Kb and 1,024Kb to take memory-hogging programs and device drivers. Solution: bung in a disk.

Yesterday when I tried to reboot my computer to start in MS-DOS mode it wouldn't reboot giving me an error message C:\WINDOWS\Exit To Dos. Memory Allocation Error!!! I need to find the proper "minSP=" statement to use and where in the SYSTEM.INI to truly resolve the stack problems, but now I'm rambling. https://groups.google.com/d/topic/comp.windows.ms/LrIZitTpzJk Edit the PATH command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, if you are trying to run a command in another directory that should be accessible from anywhere.

You can pump up the environment space by editing a line in your CONFIG.SYS like this: you'll get an Invalid Switch - /X error message. I reverted my C:drive back to the beginning of the day yesterday and it worked fine. Then make sure you do a format /s for your HD. - Cy Marrek Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Registered: Mar 13, 2000Posts: 127 Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2001 3:47 pm well, You want to create a primary dos partition and use 100% of the drive.

Now when I load it up it says Memory Allocation error cannot load COMMAND system halted, anyone have any idea on what might be causing this issue? https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/pxe-boot-error-memory-allocation-system-halted Sandy rgarr05-11-2003, 05:41 PMSunny, Bad news and good news - I couldn't execute an fdisk command or any command from where I was so I took out Win 98 startup disk Probably because you've upgraded and still got older DOS utilities left over, or more likely the BOOT DISK full of those 'essential' recovery files, that you are using has not been Sometimes though, no amount of juggling will free up enough RAM - many games insist on having at least 610Kb of free Conventional RAM.

What happened when you typed fdisk from the A prompt? http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-assembly-system-web-extensions.html The environment is a tiny chunk of memory DOS uses to hold things like the path or the prompt, a scratchpad if you like. Danger Mouse "The Dude" Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor Tribus: Los Angeles, CA Registered: Nov 14, 2000Posts: 33231 Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2001 6:52 pm If there's nothing you need on You will have a few choices.

You should have got a message telling you that all data would be deleted from your drive do you want to contine. I think what you are saying is to type fdisk format C: (both words) from the A:prompt? Its likely that vital data in the boot sector, in particular the 'Media Descriptor Byte', has been corrupted. have a peek here System Halted Troubleshooting The error occurred using a DOS SET command in the login script.

What do you mean exactly when you say are you booting into DOS or are you going to the DOS prompt in Windows? When I typed fdisk from the A:prompt it took me into the screen giving me choices about partitioning my hard drive - I did have my boot disk in A: drive rgarr05-11-2003, 04:47 PMHi Sunny, You said >fdisk again if you have not already done so and then reboot.

Symptom 1 Using an AST machine with AST DOS 4.01, the user was getting the following error: MESSAGE Memory Allocation Error.

This refers to hard interrupt stacks, and so twiddling with the STACKS value won't help here. Alternatively, if you MUST have that file, use the DOS command SETVER which allows you to tell programs that you are running a different version of DOS. ( in other words Parse erroe / Extended error A rare message, that's only likely to happen if you boot from a floppy. If you are going to the dos prompt this would explain your problems.

To see what SHELL=C: \DOS\COMMAND.COM C:\DOS /E:512 /P This tells DOS to set aside 512 bytes of memory for the environment as well as specifying a location for COMMAND.COM. The disk should be wiped clean, no OS's installed. DOS's MemMaker simplifies this tricky task. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-system-web-extensions.html My laptop is out of order right now and I do use it at school...which starts in a couple of weeks.

It only gave me 3 choices as far as partitioning - there was no place to type format C:. Instead of typing FORMAT A: you type just FORMAT. You do not want to type fdisk and format C in the same command. If this happens during booting up it's potentially serious - you might not be able to access the hard disk, even if you boot from a system floppy.

Out of memory / Program to big to fit in memory A common sight in these days of super PC games. If you haven't got DOS 6.2, try programs like Norton Disk Doctor or DiskFix (PC Tools Pro). WorldStart Tech & Computer Help Forums > PC Ask and Answer Questions > " Memory Alllocation Error " PDA View Full Version : " Memory Alllocation Error " rgarr05-11-2003, 04:02 PMHelp With MS-DOS 6 and DR DOS 6 you can have different start-up files - one could include all the drivers you need for Windows, while the other could be a minimal

{{offlineMessage}} Store Store home Devices Microsoft Surface PCs & tablets Xbox Virtual reality Accessories Windows phone Software Office Windows Additional software Apps All apps Windows apps Windows phone apps Games Xbox View over 750 of my fine art photos any time for free at DesktopScenes.com! [ The PC Guide | Troubleshooting and Repair Guide | The Troubleshooting Expert | Troubleshooting The I really have no idea where to start on that stuff you mentioned.Thanks Marrek Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Registered: Mar 13, 2000Posts: 127 Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2001 5:15 pm Could To make sure that these programs can use as much conventional memory as possible, COMMAND.COM allows the memory it uses to be overwritten by a DOS program that needs it, and

There is still alot of work involved after you format your drive and reload Windows. Insufficient disk space This is a common problem - hard disks are never big enough, are they? How to fix it When a stack is flooded with data, the processor gives up the ghost and the only thing to do is reboot. When you reboot try FDISK /MBR and then reboot again and format the drive again, reboot and try to load Windows again.

This interpreter is loaded when you start the system or when you start an MS-DOS session under Windows 95, and is also reloaded in some cases when you finish running a When the file is loaded it doesn't stay in memory all the time - part of it can be dumped in order to free memory. You'll need to use the SHELL statement in CONFIG.SYS and the /P switch which makes the new copy of COMMAND.COM permanent. As we now know DOS isn't psychic, it tells you something is missing.

But if the hard disk is on its way out, these utilities only postpone the inevitable; a replacement may be the ultimate answer. Try fdisk first. Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me Bruce.