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Cannot Load Command System Halted Ghost

When I want to restore my image I made, half way through the process, I get an error and looks like this: General protection fault Page fault cr2=10000016 in RMCB at So I tried to put win98se back on and to my suprise I would get an "Out of Memory" error in a little grey box during the initial scandisk that 98se Danger Mouse "The Dude" Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor Tribus: Los Angeles, CA Registered: Nov 14, 2000Posts: 33231 Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2001 6:52 pm If there's nothing you need on File cannot be copied on to itself / Duplicate file name Another human maladministration problem - you've told DOS to copy a file on top of itself, a fairly pointless exercise Source

It keeps a second copy for good measure, so, as long as you know which one is kosher, you can copy the good FAT onto the bad. Ad Choices "Memory Allocation Error. Chasville Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Jul 13, 2001Posts: 688 Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2001 7:04 pm Try this, see if it helps. System Halted Troubleshooting The error occurred using a DOS SET command in the login script. http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/operrCommandCom-c.html

Sometimes though, no amount of juggling will free up enough RAM - many games insist on having at least 610Kb of free Conventional RAM. Best regards. 0 Kudos Reply Contact Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information.

You can pump up the environment space by editing a line in your CONFIG.SYS like this: you'll get an Invalid Switch - /X error message. How to fix it Normally DOS can cope with a dodgy sector if it's marked 'bad' and not used anymore. If you don't tell it exactly what you want it to do, it act dumb and throws your command back in your face, whether you've just typed it in or whether the first is to clean out all your DOS utilities.

Tried all these things mentioned above after a fresh low level and fdisk.Can anyone help me? Not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of this site. You can have duplicate file names but they've got to be in different directories or on different drives. https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/pxe-boot-error-memory-allocation-system-halted You can do this too, type VER at the DOS prompt and it will tell you which version od DOS you are using. (From a DSO box, Windows 9x reports -

HELP!!! 11 posts Marrek Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Registered: Mar 13, 2000Posts: 127 Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2001 5:18 pm System:AST Ascentia M Series laptop64mb ram(now 128)swapable cdrom/disk drive4gb ibm travelstar The part of DOS that reads what you type and executes commands is called the command interpreter, which is stored in the file "COMMAND.COM". Memory Allocation Error!!! This is DOS at its most fundamental.

Thank you. https://groups.google.com/d/topic/comp.windows.ms/LrIZitTpzJk If you type in DIR /X you'll get an Invalid Switch - /X error message. It's a key component of DOS and it's vital. The ones at the top of the list are the candidates for the chop.

Learn about the technologies behind the Internet with The TCP/IP Guide! http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-assembly-system-web-extensions.html VOX : Backup and Recovery : System Recovery : Memory allocation error while restoring an image t... Sometimes the processor is fed an instruction it can't handle, such as Divide by Zero, which causes the system to stop. It's a list of every sector on that disk including details on which sectors belong to which file.

Disable unnecessary memory-resident programs and try again.Memory allocation errorCannot load COMMAND, system halted"These are some trouble shooting things I have tried already:1. I stored it on my second partition, where all data is stored. When the file is loaded it doesn't stay in memory all the time - part of it can be dumped in order to free memory. have a peek here It uses memory that might be needed by DOS programs.

How to fix it The good news is that DOS doesn't keep all its FATs in one basket. If you haven't got DOS 6.2, try programs like Norton Disk Doctor or DiskFix (PC Tools Pro). General failure error reading A: Not an informative error message, but potentially serious, all the same, particularly if you see it in relation to a hard disk drive.

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My laptop is out of order right now and I do use it at school...which starts in a couple of weeks. Visa/MC/Paypal accepted. Some file managers will prompt pou to put a second disk in the drive so that the copying can continue, but not DOS. You'll see Abort, Retry, Fail.

As we now know DOS isn't psychic, it tells you something is missing. You may have made a complete mess of typing in the actual command, say keying DIT C: when you really meant to type DIR C: , Or you may have typed This program is the command line interpreter: it analyzes what you type at the keyboard and tries to execute your commands - be they internal DOS commands or external executable programs, http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-system-web-extensions.html With MS-DOS 6 and DR DOS 6 you can have different start-up files - one could include all the drivers you need for Windows, while the other could be a minimal

If you're going to do this, make sure you've got the FORMAT and SYS programs on that boot floppy Not ready reading drive A: / Invalid drive specification / Current Got some new ram and tried it in both slots...no go6. Cannot load ..." Document ID: 3083 Creation Date: 23May1991 Modified Date: 01Jul1995 Revision: 1 Novell Product Class:NetWare disclaimer The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell. Cannot load ..." (Last modified: 01Jul1995) This document (3083) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.

If this list is damaged then you're in trouble as DOS won't know where on the disk each file is located. Then make sure you do a format /s for your HD. - Cy Marrek Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Registered: Mar 13, 2000Posts: 127 Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2001 3:47 pm well, I have made a clean XP install with a few programs. Access denied Not often seen on standalone machines as this is a network message generated by SHARE, the utility designed to control the sharing of programs and data.

Incorrect DOS version. Tried boths ram sticks at the same time...no go7. Then I fixed all that and installed win98 on the drive, but when I put the drive back in my laptop it just hangs on the win98 screen with the blue