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Cannot Load Dsp Device Driver

This way it always opens Pd with an empty state. This behaviour has been observed in some PC's. This has been experienced with the TI XDS560 PCI card and our USB560. Board Usage 2.1 Daughtercard Access The convention when using TI daughtercards is to have the daughtercard pull down the DC_DETECT pin (pin 75 on the peripheral expansion connector). http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/windows-cannot-load-the-device-driver-for-this-hardware-code-31.html

This error can happen if...(these are just a couple common scenarios) (a) the code, running on the device, puts the DSP into a state that corrupts the on-chip JTAG debug interface. The OMAP list of supported devices includes, but is not limited to, 5910, 1510, 161x, 171x, DM270, DM31x, DM7xx, etc. Attempting user login: User=MiguelMarquez Scan for devices button pressed. These are the files that ship with CCS or you download via the update advisor.

The incorrect part number printed in the reference previously is Molex #15-24-4041. SP1) after installing the TI XDS560 USCIF v35.23.6.0 patch, you may need to re-apply the USCIF. this is the simplest, yet powerful rule of thumb... 0 HD500 + JTV 69s demo vids with patches Line 6 Helix vs HD 500 quick tone comparison series Back to top

There are only 560 PCI supported item. Kept the right arrow pushed down as I powered the unit. I have both a USB560 and a USB 2.0. b.

Failed to get DSP firmware version. Two or three days ago I created a support ticket, yet from what I've heard, it is unlikely I'll get any help from Line6. 0 Check out my presets for the Thank you.JL 4 Reply by RME Support 2009-12-18 19:19:17 RME Support RME Tech Support / Admin. Thanks.

The drivers have been installed and I can record audio into the DAWs I use, but I want to start creating tones. At the current time, this includes the: 6416 DSK 6713 DSK Installation 1.1 Problems when using Xilinx tools 1.2 Diagnostic utility won't run if installed in a path with spaces 1.3 in the console. Update: I managed to assign drivers to the POD.

But I'm using the BH-USB-560M emulator, not XDS560R.Is thisthe problem? The Blackhawk USB 2.0 emulator supports the XDS510 class of 15KB/sec download. since I bought it. I am using it with Vista Ultimate Intel i7 Core 3.06 chip.

But on that USB3 Port the Audio Drivers didnot work at all - so the models were loading perfekt in the gear box, but no sound.Strange thing is that ... this contact form Failed to open driver message service pipe. Anyway that doesn't help. XDS100-class controllers do not support RTDX.

Library not loaded: /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.6.dylib If you get this error in the Pd window when starting Gem, PDP, or Pd-extended, then that means that you are missing X11. (This happens almost exclusively What versions of Code Composer & Code Composer Studio do you support? Do I need to update my Blackhawk Emulation Drivers? have a peek here by Megahertzz on 2012-02-06 23:16:58.0900 I have now given up on the Line 6 products, since they obviously have no clue how to fix the compatability issues, and the tech support

The new version of silicon for the 5510 requires that an 8-bit bypass be configured in Code Composer. The Add New Hardware wizard should pop up and ask for the location of the drivers. Plug both the USB and power cables back into the DSK.

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Why? Who knows what these things do really. The Xilinx device drivers will filter out commands to the on-board USB port on the Spectrum Digital DSKs and Windows will never recognize the board. Have you tried to reflash the firmware and do a global reset of the device?

The USB port is only connected to the on-board USB JTAG emulator on the DSK. Failed to get DSP firmware version. Does your USB2.0 emulator support C6416 with Rev 1.1 cpu core? http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-driver-weblogic-jdbc-mssqlserver4-driver.html Are there any precautions we need to take when multiple users are using the emulator at the same time?

Need something fast? Its for my HD500 but the paths should be the same on the x. An external JTAG emulator will only work with the full version of Code Composer. You can find it here http://line6.com/software When you run Monkey, make sure you are running it as an administrator (right click the icon and select "Run as Administrator") Update

We usually ask that you run some simple test program to see if that causes the same results. (b) try slowing the TCK frequency. Does USB560 support CCS 2.2 with OMAP or DM270 processors? The USB560 supports TI's XDS560 class emulation technology. This should have been included with the unit (choice of PCI or CARDBUS) from our reseller if you only had USB 1.1 on your desktop or laptop.

Regrettably, NO. And if you are going to be ready for future enhancements to the C2000 line in CCS (RTDX, AET, etc.), you'll be ready with our USB560. We would like to access the USB 2.0 JTAG Emulator from remote computers. Also, you have all the POSIX documentation that has been written at your finger tips.

This mode might even require some sort of specialized software. 0 Existence Back to top Report #39 jandrio jandrio Power User Members 1243 posts Registered Products:5 Posted 08 July 2014 - Any update on this? General Technical FAQ: Which TI DSP's do your emulators support? - Our USB560 & LAN560 supports the same targets as TI supports in Code Composer Studio v2.1 and later and uses What does it mean? 0 Check out my presets for the HD500x: http://tiny.cc/posbkx Back to top Report #38 duncann duncann Power User Members 2334 posts LocationWI Registered Products:2 Posted 08 July

Country United States Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Support under Vista is not available using Code Composer Studio 3.1.