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Cannot Load From Flickr Simpleviewer

Enter HTML tags directly in the JuiceboxBuilder Caption and Title text boxes in the Images Panel. Robert Scoble says: June 2, 2007 at 9:52 pm I still can't get in (as of 9:52 p.m. Modify config options, or select a gallery preset. View a description of all config options here. To change the order, use the Flickr Organize page. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-libphp5-so-into-server-cannot-load-specified-object.html

Use relative paths instead of absolute paths in your embedding code and your gallery will work on both 'www.example.com' and 'example.com'. Why? Feed – Subscribe to help discussion threads About Jobs Blog Mobile Developers Guidelines Feedback Report abuse Help forum English 繁體中文 Deutsch English Español Francais 한글 Italiano Português Tiếng Việt Bahasa Indonesia Once it is set properly (ask around for help), you won't have to put your hands in the mechanic grease anymore.

I hope I am not faced with the same problem(knock on wood) because I love flickr. So if you purchase v1.0 you get free upgrades up to v1.9. You will need to create some server side code (using PHP or similar) to generate the gallery data and output it as XML that Juicebox can understand.

Disc: Also used to be a customer of mine 😉 olivergassner says: June 3, 2007 at 3:47 am Try http://en.sevenload.com/. Isaac Posted 60 months ago. ( permalink ) JohnCumisky says: Doesn't work for me at all, but as you have sales text next to many of the images, even though it Then do 'Empty Trash'. Welcome to the brave new social networking media Web 2.0 world -- no scalability, downtime as the norm, random glitches, and endless support run-arounds, mission critical it be not.

For JuiceboxBuilder, click Help -> About to see the version number. Once I do that, then yes, everything displays normally. I get the same results as MabelAmber today, the images are shot on film so they are grainy but I think the scaling is not working well as part of the click site Where are all these Garretts coming from all of a sudden?) Mauricio says: June 3, 2007 at 6:43 pm How is it going with the phone?

Why not? Caption text can include a limited set of HTML formatting, including hyperlinks, line breaks, font tags, bold, underline and italics. Xial says: June 3, 2007 at 1:21 am I'm wondering what your opinion of Picasa Web Albums would be, in regard to showing photos to people. It just doesn't recognize the Flickr side of the house anymore.

From the top menu select You -> Your Account -> Privacy & Permissions. i thought about this Uncheck 'Embed Color Profile'. They inbuilt online sharing service will post photos directly to Flickr or Vox. How do I tell which version of SimpleViewer I have?

Click 'Customize' button on top menu. this contact form Check here for more details. Can I upgrade my existing Lite galleries to Pro? Most servers are Case Sensitive.

Why do I only see the first 50 images in my gallery? When I view the mobile player locally in Google Chrome I see the message "SimpleViewer does not display locally in Google Chrome.Why? Right click the area where the gallery should be. have a peek here i cant upload photos to my flickr account anymore because i reached the 200 photos limit for a free account.

To check if an image has a color profile attached, open it in Photoshop, then click the little right arrow icon at the bottom left of the image. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Is there a good reason?

I emailed someone and they un-merged the accounts.

I know that Picasa:Flickr::Apple:Grapefruit, but I admit curiosity as to how you'd percieve the Google offering for image sharing. www.flickr.com/guidelines.gne Posted 60 months ago. ( permalink ) kmacgray edited this topic 60 months ago. Like this (and it's the same across the board with every simpleviewer page linked to flickr). My gallery works on 'www.example.com' but not on 'example.com' (or vice versa).

Comic Strip Blogger says: June 3, 2007 at 3:33 am I gave up on Flickr after their new owners - the *vil empire of Yahoo that helps commies in China to Why? Yes. Check This Out All rights reserved.

SWF files should be uploaded as 'Binary', not as 'ASCII'. JuiceboxBuilder can load image titles and captions from EXIF image metadata. They were prompt, though. dimaks says: June 4, 2007 at 3:25 am haha..

I miss the features of Flickr (especially granular access control), but one click publishing from Picasa is sweet and I think the simplicity of the interface is better for simple friends How do I fix this? MSDN Blog Postings · Flickr is driving me mad says: June 13, 2007 at 1:06 pm […] week (the 6th to be precise) I contacted Flickr to explain I had a Click here to view a list of HTML tags supported by Flash.

Troubleshooting When I view my gallery I see the message 'SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player'. When the page loads, do you see the main image without clicking on anything ? Even worse, there doesn't seem to be any way of turning off this message. I suspect that even if staff do reply here, they are going to refer you back to SimpleViewer.

I will nag their support staff some more. Note that Flickr users under 18 years of age may not set this value to No, as part of Flickr's privacy policy. Getting into Yahoo passwords is really hard if you forget all your info.