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You have to experiment to find the optimal maximal length to store. gap> g:=Group((1,2,3),(2,3,4));; gap> TransitiveIdentification(g); 4 gap> TransitiveGroup(NrMovedPoints(g),4); A4 Primitive Groups The primitive groups library contains primitive subgroups of Sn (i.e. However GAP has methods to investigate each such presentation for any given (not too big) prime p. gap> g:=Group((1,2,3),(2,3,4));; gap> StructureDescription(g); "A4" Group Libraries contains extensive libraries of "small" groups and many of these libraries allow identificatuion of a group therein. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-package-contains.html

Although construction of the barrage would be privately financed, Government support would be required for approximately thirty years through Contracts for Difference (CfD) or a similar mechanism. In such a case one can either try to find a much smaller permutation representation of that group or work with a pc group presentation: gap> h2 := SmallerDegreePermutationRepresentation(Image(h1));; gap> NrMovedPoints(Image(h2)); It contains unit Teeabout, wich is also contained in package tee7100 (too old to reply) alexandre henzen 2008-01-21 15:55:40 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Hi, i'm trying to install some packages that use and you will need some knowledge on how to install programs and to edit text files. http://www.delphigroups.info/2/2/361909.html

When I tried to use PcGroupFpGroup() to convert it to a pc-group, I received an error message. Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC Powered by phpBB © 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group borland.public.delphi.reporting-charting Discussion: Cannot load package tee100. You probably downloaded the files in text mode. Teenage daughter refusing to go to school What is with the speech audience?

PcGroupFpGroup() does not compute a polycyclic presentation for a finite soluble group given by an arbitrary finite presentation.See Constructing Pc Groups. How to import someone else's toolbox? If you want them in this case, you can do gap> for n in NormalSubgroups(g) do Print(Elements(n),"\n"); od; [ (-1)*e, (-1)*i, (-1)*j, (-1)*k, k, j, i, e ] [ (-1)*e, (-1)*k, I think I'm a smart guy, but I have a 1 tb hard drive, a library path that runs to 80+ folders, and a source code repository that seems to be

However for bigger groups such lists can take an enormous amount of memory. See the section CommandLineOptions in the Reference Manual for more detail. This will allow you to see more history of your session, and also will prevent your network connection from overloading. When you say "run the installer again" how do I do that?

In fact, this essentially works the other way round. If the group is very large, it can be rather beneficial to try to choose such a set of vectors yourself and use `ActionHomomorphism' (see the section 'The Permutation Image of You first run NilpotentQuotient (as described in Bettina Eick's reply) to find the maximal nilpotent quotient of your group. small order up to isomorphism, or transitive subgroup of Sn (for small n) up to conjugacy); these libraries typically allow to identify a given group, but the identification is just like

Moredetails are given in a section of the current download page. 1.3: Which skills do I need to use GAP? D5, XP : no dbGrid refresh ?2. The Issac2000 tutorial gives some examples of constructing groups. Antonio Estevez Posts: 334 Registered: 4/12/00 Re: Error from FastReports after installing 10.1 Reply Posted: May 4, 2016 11:33 PM in response to: Paul McManus El 05/05/2016

There are functions AsList and AsSSortedList that return a (sorted) list of all the group elements. this contact form If you would prefer permutations, you can specify this when constructing the group. 7.5: I have a finite presentation for a finite polycyclic group. The standard representation (because it's the best for computing), is as words in what are called polycylic generators. to home pages of people, home pages of packages, etc.

Computing with GAP 7.1: How do I perform binary operations on the elements of a group? A really amazing technique to avoid all this crap is to just not install Indy, FastReport or TeeChart (uncheck them or skip them) during your initial Delphi IDE install, then install Can I get a CD? have a peek here Complaints 6.1: I think I found a bug. 6.2: My calculation does not finish (or GAP runs out of memory). 6.3: My calculation with matrix groups is slow/runs out of memory.

Since some time the core system of GAP (without most packages) is contained in the unstable branch of Debian. 2.4: The files do not load properly in my browser. For groups given by structural information, the construction can be much harder. The function IsomorphismRefinedPcGroup(G) returns an isomorphism from G onto an isomorphic pc group with that property.

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You basically need: A reasonable knowledge of English, enough to read this website, the GAP manuals and, if you have questions, to correspond with the GAP support group. Derek Holt gave the warning:"But this package involves external C programs, and it is only possible to use it under Unix or Linux." However in a further letter Dima Pasechnik added: Furthermore, this is followed by a list of loaded packages: Packages: AClib 1.1, Polycyclic 2.6, Alnuth 2.2.5, AutPGrp 1.4, nq 2.2, GAPDoc 1.2, IO 3.1, CrystCat 1.1.3, Cryst 4.1.6, Carat 2.1, Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Solving Delphi BPL Package problems where BPLs won't load but you've already recompiled (Windows VirtualStore filesystem issue) up vote 7 down vote

A general tip is that "if a version of X ships with Delphi and you are going to install a new version, prepare to suffer until your system is really cleaned A decomposition as semidirect, subdirect or central product is not uniquely defined without some further information, which can be rather extensive to write down. Russian and Portuguese. (There are also foreign language links on the teaching webpage.) Basic skills in working with a computer. Check This Out In her reply Bettina Eick recommends: you can use GAP to investigate your question for any fixed prime p.

This will create a 'pif' shortcut which should be used to start GAP. 4.5: The zoo files are corrupt -- I cannot uncompress them. A good idea might be to use a searchengine to look for other occurrences of 'GAP'. Check the AutPGrp package for this purpose. Creating a Dynamic Array referencing a Class Object Products TeeChart VCL TeeChart for .Net TeeChart ActiveX TeeChart for Java TeeChart Java Android TeeChart for Javascript - HTML5 TeeChart for PHP TeeChart

GAP is suited very well for computing in combinatorial structures and permutation groups. The speed is similar to a 3 GHz Pentium 4 machine. This is enormously more efficient than simply listing all [conjugacy classes of] subgroups of the group in most cases. James Cogan Posts: 2 Registered: 8/19/01 Re: Error from FastReports after installing 10.1 Reply Posted: Jun 7, 2016 11:24 AM in response to: Antonio Estevez Antonio Estevez

Everything said for elements holds even more so for subgroups: You probably want only representatives of the conjugacy classes or even just of subgroups of a given size. The method cache. Obtaining GAP 2.1: Where can I download GAP? Generators and further information on the automorphisms is also stored in A, but is perhaps too long to be displayed here.

Itanium users are encouraged to try this patch and let us know how they get on. 5. In a second letter Derek Holt recommends: You can use the GAP package KBMAG to prove nilpotency of finitely presented groups, using the method described by Charles Sims in his book GAP first defines elements, such as permutations, matrices or words in abstract generators, with their operations such as multiplication and inverse, then it allows you to define groups of such objects, The traces of TeeChart stuff in Delphi 2007 that I removed include everything in the $(BDS)\Lib and $(BDS)\Lib\debug folder, and all DCP and BPL folders on the system.

First please note that the 'example' really is not a presentation of a single group, but a family of presentations parametrized by the primes p. gap> IsNilpotent(G); false gap> List(LowerCentralSeries(G),Size); [ 82944, 20736 ] gap> List(DerivedSeries(G),Size); [ 82944, 20736, 6912, 1728, 64, 1 ] The action of the automorphism group on the jokers is the imprimitive This string is produced recursively, trying to decompose groups as direct or semidirect products. to find a faithful permutation representation.

Yes, indeed, this can happen. We have kept a few documents marking steps of its development of GAP that you can access via the page SomeHistoryofGAP. 1.5: How is the GAP Web Site organized?