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Tire Load Index


It's the sudden braking, swerving, or accelerating when the 'stuff' is about to hit the fan. It’s not likely that it would ever make sense to replace the tires on a late model Porsche 911 with Q-rated tires, nor would many Kia Sephias require W-rated tires. They are very highly rated on Tirerack as well.But if you are not happy with them or you think there may be a QC issue with the set you have then Find all posts by laverda1200 #9 06-02-2007, 01:46 PM V4John Senior Member Join Date: Feb 2106 Posts: 240 Re: H rated tires vs V rated tires?

I only kept them for 3000 miles. Match Mounting: A system of mounting a tire where the high point of the tire is matched with the low point of a wheel. Note: You may not always find this information on all tires because it is not required by law. The most recent change is to enclose the Y-speed rating indicated in a service description in parentheses, such as 285/35ZR19 (99Y).

Tire Load Index

Yes I understand that they wouldn't expect people to drive that fast in the inclement weather but, not a problem there from them and they probably sell millions of sets of I sure as hell wouldn't even come CLOSE to that kind of speed in this vehicle, unless I had a death wish. This should only be done by a professional for safety reasons. But if you have other people in the car with you, they're on the hook for whatever happens to those tires, too, if it happens while they're riding with you.

The bullsh*t here is amazing. I understand their CYA theory but...Now the 18's I have have a load rating of 101 and are W or Y rated, so no problems (hopefully) with the tires while towing Check your owner's manual or tire sidewall to find the required specifications.Choose a Width3031323334353739155175185195205215225235245255265275285295305315325335345Can't Find Your Width?If you know the name of the tire are looking for, select the tire from Kal Tire Since you live in the keys, I'd want a tire that can handle all that sun and warmth you get.

I suppose if the EX came with V rated tires then I guess they will be ok. Tire Speed Rating Chart use the rating that VW calls for. I made the same choice and am running 205/65/16 with a 94T rating on my NB here in Texas with no issues at all. __________________ My build thread: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=448086 see this here Do not re-inflate a tire that has been run flat or shows any signs of damage.

Have you had a chance to buy an item from our store? Michelin Tires Wal-Mart is so..." "Date: 10/09/2014 Management Walmart 10th Ave N. Antioxidant: A chemical used in rubber compounds that prevents surface oxidation, chunking, and cracking. I'm convinced they are worth the price. _________________________ 2014 Sienna2015 Focus ST Top #2809537 - 11/21/12 09:26 AM Re: Ride quality difference in a H rated tire vs a V? [Re:

Tire Speed Rating Chart

Each tire is manufactured with specific speed rating and load requirements to ensure proper vehicle use. https://bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/2809593/Ride_quality_difference_in_a_H Will a V rated tire last longer than an H rated tire of the same brand/model? Tire Load Index Inflation Pressure: The pressure of air inside the tire. Tire Ratings Crown: The center section (between the tire shoulders) of the tire’s tread.

What do you do if someone want super swampers on his v8 grand cherokee? The "Tire Finder" locator section of this website only recommends the original equipment sizes. ISSUE NOT RESOLVED El Cajon, California Jun 06, 2015 311 views 3 comments I called Walmart about tires that I saw on their website and to see what the out the It looked nothing like the online photo, even after working the branches for 2-plus hours. Tire Size Calculator

Thing is, speed rating has nothing to do with normal driving conditions on US highways and a requirement of H to V is incremental and idiotic - our local highways top A reminder that your email address on your account must be valid and working to receive the reset request. Serious injury could result from a tire being mounted improperly. They take your money but then when its time to pay off they deny your claim.

Green Tire: A tire that has not yet gone through the process of vulcanization or curing in the tire molding process. Continental Tires I knew the original RS-As and the current Continentals ContiTracs were H-rated (130MPH). Top #2809593 - 11/21/12 10:19 AM Re: Ride quality difference in a H rated tire vs a V? [Re: stranger706] Blue_Goose Registered: 07/13/05 Posts: 2019 Loc: New Hampsha Originally Posted By:

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Are they using your manual against you to sell you the more expensive V? Excellent grip, handling, about 5K on the rear before I replaced it last month, the front is still going strong. Dynamic Balance: This is the balance of a tire while in motion. Costco Tires For example, H is between U and V, with the common perception that H stood for “high performance” at one time.

A V rated tire is designed for higher maximum speed and therefore needs a stiffer structure that is better able to resist tire growth at high speeds. Failure to replace tires with tread depths less than 2/32” could result in accidents due to loss of traction. + Top of Page Tire Glossary Accelerator: A chemical that is used If you change your wheel size, you will have to purchase new tires to match the new wheel diameter. 95H: Load Index This two or three-digit number is the tire's load However, many companies do monitor reviews on our site.

I'm looking at the Michelin Primacy MXV4 in the H rating as I can't see why an Accord would need a V rated tire. Camber: The angle of the vertical center of the tire to a vertical line viewed from the front of the tire. Typically, the vibration is felt through the steering wheel, especially at high speeds. If they sell you an lower rated tire and if it blows due to speed the Walmart could be responsible.

They fit the V8 too, so do you refuse? Rating Symbol Speed (km/h) Speed (mph) B 50 31 C 60 37 D 65 40 E 70 43 F 80 50 G 90 56 J 100 62 K 110 68 L You will be able to edit the text before publishing. gfunka Upgrades (non TDI Engine related) 8 February 11th, 2002 08:35 All times are GMT -7.