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Cannot Open Config File /usr/local/etc/zabbix_agentd.conf

I did not used a JAIL. Agent is working, but not the server. Reply to this comment admin # 15 Dec 2012 21:41 I just adapted it to work with Zabbix 2.0.4 but didn't test the whole procedure from start to end. SN 15:41 0:00 /bin/zabbix_server zabbix 12127 20.3 0.0 48104 1560 ? this contact form

All versions of Zabbix will use that web interface. Ubuntu Forums > The Ubuntu Forum Community > Ubuntu Specialised Support > Ubuntu Servers, Cloud and Juju > Server Platforms > [ubuntu] Zabbix 1.8 $ Ubuntu 9.10, Help? I 0:00.00 zabbix_agentd: listener [waiting for connection] (zabbi20525 ?? actions При взводе триггера, иногда бывает полезно выполнить определенное действие, сиречь - акцию. К примеру - послать письмо админу, или что-то в этом роде. Впрочем, желательно, чтобы триггеры на наших серверах https://www.zabbix.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32791

No spaces allowed. Some PHP.INI settings needed to be adjusted, did so, and the front end worked. The agent will work in passive mode listening for server. Top alexey123 Moderator Posts: 1582 Joined: 19 Aug 2012 08:22 Location: Israel, Karmiel Contact: Contact alexey123 Website Status: Offline Re: Zabbix agent Quote Post #10 by alexey123 » 14 Aug 2013

And after system upgrade, some packages not working, need upgrade installed packages also.If I build application inside jail, my system keep with original userland, I make system upgrade without problem. But to be honest I do not understand why it does not work with the already installed Packages. Add script as postinit .PS: May be need add to script mount devfs to /dev and not run jail, or check if jail proto is started. Can some explain to my why to use a JAIL in this case?Code: Select all Server=

I will remove the packages and will try to install it as you described. I just added it. Is the Jail required? http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?t=4707 Does not support UserParameters, performance counters or aliases, but does support system.run[] regardless of EnableRemoteCommands value.

pkg_add replace binary and register as package. Top alexey123 Moderator Posts: 1582 Joined: 19 Aug 2012 08:22 Location: Israel, Karmiel Contact: Contact alexey123 Website Status: Offline Re: Zabbix agent Quote Post #3 by alexey123 » 09 Aug 2013 For example guide for Freebsd. This option is supported in version 1.8.6 and higher.

Include no You may include individual files or all files in a directory in the configuration file. Note: Although the documentation says that the older agents are compatible with the new version of zabbix server, I had some quircks that got resolved only when I compiled and installed Zabbix agent processes items of type 'Zabbix agent' or 'Zabbix agent (active)'. The agent provides host's performance and availability information for Zabbix Server.

I dug into zabbix-1.8/frontends/php and copied all that to /var/www/zabbix/, did the appropriate chmod/chown, and opened the index.php in Firfox. weblink I ask this because I did not use a jail on my first attempt. sudo bash mkdir /etc/zabbix cd misc/conf/ cp zabbix_agent.conf /etc/zabbix cp zabbix_agentd.conf /etc/zabbix Разумеется, одного копирования мало. Надо подправить конфигурацию под наши нужды. Я рассмотрю сценарий запуска из под inetd. В ранних Trips2007 View Public Profile Send a private message to Trips2007 Find all posts by Trips2007 #2 05-10-2012, 20:17 tchjts1 Administrator Join Date: May 2008 Location: California Posts: 1,597

echo -n $"Starting $ZABBIX_NAME: " if [ -n "`pidofzab`" ]; then echo -n "$ZABBIX_NAME: already running" failure echo return 1 fi if [ ! -d $ZABBIX_LOGD ]; then mkdir -p $ZABBIX_LOGD S 0:00.01 zabbix_agentd: poller [sleeping for 1 second(s)] (zabbi20992 0 S+ 0:00.01 grep zabbix Home10.2.0.2 - Prester (revision 2545)/ x64-embedded on SAPPHIRE Pure Mini E350 / 8G RAM / UPS Ippon If ServerPort is not specified, default port is used. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-config-file-zabbix-agentd-conf.html You have zabbix-server and zabbix frontend running on another mashine?I install agent into jail and run it # ps ax | grep zabbix20522 ??

dedenker commented Sep 7, 2015 Okay, got the info: zabbix_agent --version = Zabbix agent v2.4.0 (revision 48953) zabbix_agentd --version = Zabbix Agent (daemon) v2.4.0 (revision 48953) I compiled the zabbix agent items Нет ничего проще - показателем может быть любой системный параметр, значение которого может вычислить zabbix-агент. Показатель может быть как "встроенным" (например обьем свободной памяти, загрузка CPU) так и пользовательским; например, I finally worked out the dependency issues while using the install instructions from the Zabbix documentation.

I had to edit a couple lines. /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf Server= change to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ListenIP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf DBUser=zabbix DBPassword=password123 ListenIP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx I set xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to since both server and agent are on the same

SN 15:41 0:00 /bin/zabbix_server zabbix 12139 2.6 0.0 48368 2472 ? How did compile your Zabbix agent? SN 15:41 0:00 /bin/zabbix_server zabbix 12117 2.6 0.0 48604 2468 ? his password) and give the full access rights of database zabbix to this zabbix user. (in table: db) - Reload the databases access rights through the SQL command: FLUSH PRIVILEGES; -

Zabbix agent accepts the following command line parameters: -c --config specify configuration file, default is /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf -h --help give this help -V --version display version number -p --print print known But the Jail must not be accessible via the lan.I should be ashamed to ask , but questions do not hurt. Those are buried in the zabbix-1.8/misc/init.d folder. his comment is here Home10.2.0.2 - Prester (revision 2545)/ x64-embedded on SAPPHIRE Pure Mini E350 / 8G RAM / UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600Lab - Prescience (revision 2545) /x64-embedded on Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220

If you remove it, library will delete, but firmware need it.This is why when I install the package zabbix2-agent it complains about missing ibiconv? More files which were not copied with the "make install" command. ZABBIX AGENT not run in jail, because it need create some kernel variables, but jail cannot do it.