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Cannot Open Database File Files.dbs

Accidental deletion of the description of the DBS from the Windows registry Incomplete installation of an application that supports the DBS format The DBS file which is being opened is infected That's why I suggest to check it in notepad first, to see if there is any human readable text inside.

0 Pure Capsaicin OP Scott Alan Miller Oct In addition, logs containing the last two checkpoint log records are pinned, as these checkpoints are used to quickly establish a redo start point for the rollforward phase of crash recovery. The first part of the task has already been done – the software supporting the DBS file can be found below. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-database-it-may-not-be-a-database-that-your-application-recognizes-or-the-file-may.html

What are database areas? By default, LOGBACKUP is off, so that SQLBase deletes log files as soon as they are not needed to perform transaction rollback or crash recovery. Technical Support Forums You've got questions? The RELEASE LOG command and the sqlrel function let you back up a log file without waiting until it becomes full.

Also, be aware that each additional audit operation can affect performance. Read Backing Up andRestoring Databases for more information. Hey, worth a shot.Click to expand... :thumbsup: Nothing to lose; Databases apparently embed the schema for interpretation #8 EagleKeeper, Nov 19, 2012 msi1337 Diamond Member Joined: Apr 16, 2003 Messages:

However, if there are multiple users on the system, these records are not necessarily part of the same transaction since they can be generated by different users. In addition to editing the configuration file (SQL.INI) directly, both SQLTalk and the SQL/API let you change the value of the dbdir keyword. This ensures that SQLBase can undo any uncommitted changes that have been written to disk if there is a crash. The MAIN database stores control information that you can query: Partitioned database file names Database area and extent names and sizes Storage group names Participants in a distributed transaction Two-phase commit

Can't open a .dbs file? Try to open it with notepad, and see if there is anything useful in it. 0 Mace OP Huw3481 Oct 23, 2012 at 7:36 UTC HD IT Solutions Similar Threads - urgent file Forum Date Handling files by http server Programming Aug 26, 2016 Can anyone explain file extensions to me? Select a file type in the list and click Change Program.

This method allows you to preview the contents of many files, but probably not in such a structure as a program dedicated to support them. SEARCH Related Topics: ► How to open a .DB file? ► How to open a .DBF file? ► How to open a .SQL file? ► How to open a .DLC file? As long as it's clear-text, like dbf. 1 Serrano OP Tekk Noir Oct 24, 2012 at 10:10 UTC Do you know what it was created with? CLICK HERE to verify Solvusoft's Microsoft Gold Certified Status on Microsoft Pinpoint >> CLOSE Select a language English Français(French) Italiana(Italian) Español(Spanish) Deutsch(German) Pусский(Russian) Nederlands(Dutch) Português(Portuguese) 简体中文(Chinese) Polonês(Polish) Český(Czech) 繁體中文(Chinese) Svenska(Swedish) にほんご(Japanese)

but there is no guarantee that it will be readable. 0 Datil OP Krizz Oct 23, 2012 at 7:17 UTC .dbs seems to be some kind of structured http://support.guptatechnologies.com/supportforum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3145 The computer does not have enough hardware resources to cope with the opening of the DBS file. Tells you how much time SQLBase takes to compile, store, retrieve, and execute a particular SQL statement. 103 End of transaction. Table access information (queries only) (category 9) 009,datetime,database,username,clientname,tablename Table update information (INSERTS, UPDATES, AND DELETES) (category 10) 010,datetime,database,username,clientname,INSERT INTO tablename 010,datetime,database,username,clientname,UPDATE tablename 010,datetime,database,username,clientname,DELETE FROM tablename Performance audit category examples This

SQLBase looks for a database in these places in this order: 1. The directory pointed to by the dbdir configuration keyword or by the dbdir environment variable. 2. The current directory. 3. The \SQLBASE weblink Useful for locating long-running transactions. Transaction span limit Long running transactions pin log files to disk that could otherwise be released (and deleted if LOGBACKUP is off). Global audit This example shows a sample global audit file. 000,09-DEC-95 10:47:05.75,GLOBAL,TEST,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 004,09-DEC-95 10:47:05.86,CONNECT,ISLAND,SYSADM, 004,09-DEC-95 10:47:05.86,DISCONNECT,ISLAND,SYSADM, 001,09-DEC-95 10:47:05.92,404,ISLAND,DAVID, 001,09-DEC-95 10:47:06.03,404,ISLAND,SYSADM, 010,09-DEC-95 10:47:06.47,ISLAND,SYSADM,,INSERT INTO SYSADM.X 004,09-DEC-95 10:47:06.52,CONNECT,ISLAND,DAVID, 002,09-DEC-95 10:47:06.58,1102,ISLAND,DAVID,,X 005,09-DEC-95 10:47:12.34,CREATE

New Posts What music are you listening to now? Record Format Start global audit record (category 0) 000,datetime,GLOBAL,auditname,x,x,x... Important: Partitions must be on a local drive on the computer where SQLBase runs; they cannot be accessed over a network. A database can extend across several partitions without slowing down navigate here Disk space is distributed from a database area to a particular database in units called extents.

Our patent-pending algorithm quickly analyzes your file, and within moments, presents this information to you in an elegant, easy-to-read format.† In seconds, you will learn exactly what type of DBS file Note: It is important that you understand the transactions at your site before enabling this feature. You specify the transaction span limit as the number of log files that an active The checkpoint time interval parameter governs how often a recovery checkpoint operation is done.

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Read Distributed Transactions for information on commit service. Much depends of the vendor has the solution. Committing When an implicit or explicit commit happens, SQLBase writes a commit record to the transaction log on disk. Three database areas form a storage group When you create a database, you can specify a storage group to designate where the file space for that database is located.

Krizz wrote:   I'm not aware of OpenOffice opening any databases at all? Click here to read the legal disclaimer. For example, you could declare a storage group for high-access databases that lists the areas from one or more fast disks. his comment is here For example: AUDIT=GLOBAL,SECURITY,C:\GUPTA,1000,1,1,OVERWRITE,1,2,3 For descriptions of these parameters, read the START AUDIT command documentation in the SQLBase SQL Language Reference.

Types of audit operations SQLBase supports two types of audit operations: global and performance. This is done so that log files do not accumulate and fill up the disk. Use it to find out what users were logged on. 4 Valid connects/disconnects Records CONNECT and DISCONNECT statements. 5 Database creates, drops, installs, and deinstalls Records CREATE DATABASE, DROP DATABASE, INSTALL Many of the record layouts contain one or more of the following general fields: Field Names Description Format datetime The date and time the information for this record was recorded.

The maximum length of the dbdir value is 255 characters. Corruption of a DBS file which is being opened Incorrect links to the DBS file in registry entries. Open/Libre can open dbf files and display them as calc sheet. In this way, database size is only limited by the total amount of disk space available on the server.

For example, starting an audit operation with the name myaudit generates an output file called myaudit.1. To begin your free file analysis, simply drag-and-drop your DBS file inside the dotted lines below, or click "Browse My Computer" and select your file. Any transaction that violates the limit is rolled back. SQL Anywhere is the only mainline application on that list.  Yeah, it could be absolutely anything.  But SQL Anywhere is a major enterprise app used my hundreds of thousands of companies.