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Each message is formatted like this: @@stachg|timestamp|sender|origin|hostname|testname|expiretime|color|prevcolor|changetime @@ So it is very easy to pick out the first line and grab all of the information you will normally linux,freebsd,solaris,hpux,aix,osfXYMONSERVERWWWNAME="lsypf01a.in.domain" # The name used for this hosts' webserverXYMONSERVERWWWURL="/xymon" # The top URL for the Xymon webpagesXYMONSERVERCGIURL="/xymon-cgi" # The URL for the Xymon CGI scripts.XYMONSERVERSECURECGIURL="/xymon-seccgi" # The URL for the secured bash-3.00# grep 06:50 stunnel.log 2007.08.19 00:06:50 LOG7[14842:1]: hobbitclient accepted FD=0 from HobbitclientIP:63758 2007.08.19 00:06:50 LOG7[14842:3]: hobbitclient started 2007.08.19 00:06:50 LOG7[14842:3]: FD 0 in non-blocking mode 2007.08.19 00:06:50 LOG7[14842:3]: TCP_NODELAY option set Copy sent to Christoph Berg . (Thu, 05 Jun 2014 13:39:10 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-this-item-the-tasks-folder-cannot-be-found.html

linux,freebsd,solaris,hpux,aix,osf>> >> XYMONSERVERWWWNAME="lsypf01a.in.domain" # The name used> for this hosts' webserver>> XYMONSERVERWWWURL="/xymon" # The top URL for the> Xymon webpages>> XYMONSERVERCGIURL="/xymon-cgi" # The URL for the Xymon> CGI scripts.>> XYMONSERVERSECURECGIURL="/xymon-seccgi" # Acknowledgement sent to Axel Beckert : Extra info received and forwarded to list. Following are three sources where you can get the software in binary or source code format. human error on configuring fping access control list. http://lists.xymon.com/archive/2011-October/032792.html

The second (optional) value causes the cpu column to go yellow after the host has been up for this long - it may be useful, if you need to reboot your add hostnames into hosts.cfg 1. add hostnames into bb-hosts Log data path 1. 1. If it's not setuid (-rwsr-xr-x probably) then it won't work correctly for xymon.

If you do the same thing for fping, you'll find it has an "x" instead of an "s", meaning it's executable, but without any special switch-user magic capability. hobbit2.test.com is monitoring hobbit.test.com and will assume hobbit.test.com's identity. This should be the host part only, not the domain. References[edit] ↑ http://www.xymon.com/xymon/help/install.html See also[edit] Compiling on CentOS Retrieved from "https://en.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=System_Monitoring_with_Xymon/Administration_Guide&oldid=2527624" Category: System Monitoring with Xymon Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged inDiscussion for this IP addressContributionsCreate accountLog in Namespaces Book

If used, XYMSRV must be"TRUE" # Use fully-qualified hostnames internally. qmqpQMQP server test. If you want to ensure> that it always redirects to /xymon/, just add a rewrite rule to apache's> httpd.conf...it may even work in the xymon.conf file:>>> RewriteEngine on> RewriteRule ^/xymon$ /xymon/ Continued What I see, is that you don't have uspvldmzlx29 in your hosts.cfg file.

bash-3.00# tail -10f /opt/stunnel420/etc/stunnel/stunnel.log 2007.04.29 06:55:00 LOG5[1983:1]: 125 clients allowed 2007.04.29 06:55:00 LOG7[1983:1]: FD 4 in non-blocking mode 2007.04.29 06:55:00 LOG7[1983:1]: FD 5 in non-blocking mode 2007.04.29 06:55:00 LOG7[1983:1]: FD 6 What need to be done?[edit] Update hobbit-client.cfg on hobbit clients with new hobbit-client.cfg locate in central hobbit server. Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): <-- Ensure that you create an empty passphrase, i.e. So if you know that the client is running but no data appears, check that the hostname used by the Xymon client is the one you expect.

You need to change you XYMONSERVERIP environment in xymonserver.cfg to the IP address of the server. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/System_Monitoring_with_Xymon/Other_Docs/HOWTO For Windows systems, this threshold is matched against the CPU utilisation - this is a percentage between 0 and 100. If you have received this email in error, please contact the sender by return email or call 01793 877777 and ask for the sender and then delete it immediately from your Many of the keywords relate to the way Xymon displays the information about the host on the web-pages, other keywords deal with how the uptime percentage is calculated for availability reports,

bash-2.05$ ./clientupdate --update=4.2.1 tar: blocksize = 0 2009-01-28 16:03:39 exec() of clientupdate --suid-setup failed: No such file or directory bash-2.05$ How do I configure sudo to empower hobbit client to gain weblink Ensure that the .ssh folder exists for the hobbit user on the Hobbit client with the same permissions as above, and then copy id_dsa.pub to the Hobbit client: $ scp /usr/lib/hobbit/.ssh/id_dsa.pub Monitoring network services As shown in the example above, adding a network test for a host is as simple as putting the right keyword into the hosts.cfg file. The following files are ignored: Files that begin > with a dot, files that end with a tilde, RCS files that end with ",v", RPM > package manager files ending in

extension scripts in the ext/ directory - but the clientupdate utility cannot delete or rename files. Or have you tried that feature just the first time? > > > >In the following I assume that it's not a regression. > It is not a regression. Server side patch analysis[edit] Run "showrev -p" and "pkginfo -x" on xymon client and run pca.pl on xymon server to analyze missing patch for all the clients. navigate here SunCluster[edit] Free and opensourced clustering software from Sun.

If you want to use some of the advanced options for the xymongen or xymonnet programs, you change the tasks.cfg file to add these options to the command line. If the reader of this message is not an intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this document in error and that any review, dissemination or copying of If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited

pca.pl need to be configure to query internal Solaris patch database reside on xymon server.

Message #43 received at [email protected] (full text, mbox, reply): From: Alexander Bech To: Christoph Berg , [email protected], Axel Beckert Subject: Re: Bug#750651: xymon-client: clientupdate fails Date: Sat, 14 Jun Unauthorized use of thiscommunication is strictlyprohibited and may be unlawful. Information forwarded to [email protected], Christoph Berg : Bug#750651; Package xymon-client. (Fri, 06 Jun 2014 11:15:05 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available. There's a sample module provided with the Hobbit sources, see the "hobbit-4.0-RC4/hobbitd/hobbitd_sample.c" file which illustrates how to build a worker module in C.

pick your favourite programming tool. I thought I was cruising along quite nicely until I tested it.> This is what I received:>> *Not Found*>> The requested URL /xymon was not found on this server.> ------------------------------>> *Apache/2.2.15 If used,> XYMSRV must be>> FQDN="TRUE" # Use fully-qualified hostnames> internally. his comment is here Of course you have to change the path settings to your environment.

Unauthorized use of thiscommunication is strictlyprohibited and may be unlawful. If you are using RH Enterprise or CentOS, the Fedora Core or generic RPM may not install correctly. I use djbdns for it How to shorten the ping test time?[edit] Hobbit and Remedy Ticket System[edit] Overview[edit] Remedy ticket system has a web interface for opening up a ticket to When I click on a status icon I get the message "Status not available".

Example with Apache: $ adduser xymon $ cd /home/Desktop/xymon $ ./configure.server [...] Where do you want the Xymon installation [/home/xymon] ? /var/www/xymon [...] What group-ID does your webserver use [nobody] ? Here is an example of how to setup a host: As you can see, there's first a definition of what hosts the following criteria applies to. It then parses this looking for 'No Alerts Defined' It then outputs # hostname of the machines that are missing alert config. # # Created by Stewart Larsen # 06/02/2008: minor After the host filter comes the criteria used to determine the color of each of the status columns.

To start Xymon, as the xymon user run '/var/www/xymon/server/bin/xymon.sh start' To view the Xymon webpages, go to http://localhost/xymon If it hasn't already been done, it's necessary to configure Apache to execute When I click on a status icon I get the message "Status not available". Keep it TRUE unless you know better.>>>>>> I restarted xymon first and then apache… still no luck.>>>> [***@lsypf01a ~]$ ./server/xymon.sh restart>> Xymon stopped>> Xymon started>> [***@lsypf01a etc]# service httpd restart>> Stopping Hobbit clients located in a DMZ) and where you cannot open port 1984 inbound from the Hobbit clients to the Hobbit server.

So unless someone comes up with a patch so that xymon-client first looks in /usr/local/lib/xymon/ before looking into /usr/lib/xymon/, we may add support for this feature to the Debian package. Cons[edit] Increase network bandwidth by sending same message to two different servers. To me, it sounds like you should rather use a one-time "make install" (possibly packaged as a tarball that you ship to clients), and go from there. Now the version in debian testing is newer than one in my repository.

As long as no "clientversion:" are defined in the file client-local.cfg on xymon server, clientupdate makes nothing.