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Create a new topic About this Problem 10 Replies 0 Promoted Responses 3 People Participating Official Representatives Bernie Thompson Official Rep Products & Services Adding... + Start by typing a product Flames welcome. I tried in HyperTerminal, and I hav no problem to open com port 10, 11, 12 ... Bernie Comment good solution!

If you have a chance to check that and see if any applications come up, that could provide a clue ... when I try and use it with Hyper Terminal or TeraTerm I get: "Another program is using the selected Telephony device. More About Us... good solution!(undo) Cancel Edit Your Reply (some HTML allowed) Has the status changed?

Com 10

The LED is happily blinking away!!!Thank you for the knowledgeable instruction Hope to run into you again on this forum. I wasn't going to reply to this thread because it's off topic, but I feel that a partial off-topic answer is worse than a complete off-topic answer, and hence I'll mention Re: avrdude: "Can't open device..." #2 Sep 01, 2013, 05:44 am Quote'Tiny AVR Programmer' plugged in USB port, and selecting Arduino's "Tools

I can not open COM ports with a higher number than 9, for example 10. I have verified that I have valid devices connected to both 9 and 10 and both show up as valid ports in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "Hardware\\DeviceMap\\SerialComm" Update: I found this link on M$ I just did it again for a sanity check, setting the port to COM10. Check the tools drop down to see if a higher number port is available...

good solution!(undo) Cancel Edit Your Reply (some HTML allowed) Has the status changed? Com10 Envelope Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. If I had had this machine for some time I might suspect I downloaded something some time that is causing the problem, but it is only a few weeks old and IOW, there is no requirement to do any special case checking: if you need to support high-numbered com ports, just use the \\\\.\\comx form for everything from com1 up. -- Greg

How can I declare independence from the United States and start my own micro nation? In it, you'll get: The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers see an example newsletter By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms Same error message. good solution!(undo) Cancel Edit Your Reply (some HTML allowed) Has the status changed?

Com10 Envelope

Choose... http://support.plugable.com/plugable/topics/cannot_open_com3 It takes just 2 minutes to sign up (and it's free!). Com 10 Or, right-click Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator" 2. Createfile Now you can right-click all the defunct ones and uninstall them.

Open Com Port > 9 with C++ ? In order to open "com10" and above we actually have to feed "\\\\.\\com10" string to CreateFile. I ran it on Windows 7 as admin and it still fails. From that, we'll figure out next steps...

Like I said, neither are running unless I explicitly start them. Here is my situation: --HP Mini 1104 netbook,--Windows 7,--Arduino 1.0.5, with the ATtiny add on dropped in the hardware folder,--'Tiny AVR Programmer' plugged in USB port, and selecting Arduino's "Tools

Best way to remove old paint from door hinges Why are LEDs in my home unaffected by voltage drop? Bernie Comment good solution! Well, this accesses the global NT object space, where all objects are stored.


Edit Delete Tom August 28, 2011 15:56 Cannot open COM3 Edit Subject I am running Windows 7 and just installed a Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter with the latest I just did it again for a sanity check, setting the port to COM10. I do have a virtual comm port using a Belkin Bluetooth to serial that has assigned a comm port number 28 to the device and I cannot change the port number. works fine, hPort = CreateFile(L"COM9", GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, 0, 0, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, 0); It there a solution for this problem?

Please visit http://www.slack.net/~shiva/welcome.txt http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/ for posting guidelines and frequently asked questions. I have a PR for PhpSerial which uses this so it can open 2 digit Com ports (COM 11, COM12, etc...), see https://github.com/Xowap/PHP-Serial/pull/6 Thanks to Dennis Ahrens for figuring this out. Member Login Remember Me Forgot your password? sad, anxious, confused, frustrated kidding, amused, unsure, silly happy, confident, thankful, excited indifferent, undecided, unconcerned © 2016 Get Satisfaction Inc.

good solution!(undo) Cancel Edit Your Reply (some HTML allowed) Has the status changed? I tend to agree with you that this is something simple that is just eluding us. Last updated: Tue Nov 08 01:01:34 2016 UTC slloyd has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question: I am using Win32::SerialPort to connect to my USB So if getting it running in Linux in a VM might be a useful workaround, but if you've never used USB devices with VirtualBox, it can take a bit of fiddling.

Guest, Nov 20, 2003, in forum: Microsoft Dot NET Framework Replies: 2 Views: 432 Donald Xie Nov 20, 2003 Error when attempting to capture picture with WIA Jim, Apr 12, 2004, The rest of the tree requires you have NT's, as opposed to Win32's, view of the system). Linked 0 RFID reader Serial port 0 COM port opening with CreateFile(..) 0 Serial communication in Qt creator Related 0How to get the actual COM port number with SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty0C++ COM port I am using OpenNETCF for Compact Framework.

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