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Majordomo 2 is currently being developed by Jason Tibbits. resend used to be configured with other command line flags to do things such as have moderated lists. If you want to use mixed case, simply configure the list using the lower-case names everywhere, except put the mixed-case version in the "-l" and "-h" flags to resend. 2.11 - We used a different channel for submission and delivery, one which deliberately doesn't verify the addresses before accepting a job. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-user-list-file-etc-vsftpd-user-list.html

The config-test script will check your installation for correct permissions (as well as other tests) and report any problems. Mailer and list administration problems 4.1 - Address with blanks are being treated separately 4.2 - Why aren't my digests going out? 4.3 - Why do I get duplicate mail sent Majordomo command processing Most of the improvements in this are experimental and not widely available or not yet completed but scheduled for future releases. List options can be set easily through a configuration file, editable remotely. http://www.greatcircle.com/majordomo/majordomo-faq.html

Majordomo Mailing List Manager

My experience is that spammers have not yet learnt about the "-outgoing" alias, and the techniques in section 3.6 would apply when they do. Get it from ftp://cs.utk.edu/pub/moore/bulk_mailer/. See the documentation for your mailer on how to do this.

If that doesn't work, check your aliases to make sure the "-s" option to resend isn't being used on that list. http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html If you are using resend, use the 'reply_to' configuration variable in the list .config file. 3.5 - How can I hide lists so they can't be viewed by 'lists'?That is There's no facility for automatically detecting what addresses are failing. Majordomo Admin Commands This form is used most often by moderators when they send mail to the list and don't want to go and approve their own message again.

The restrict_post list option with large lists can cause a significant slowdown in mail delivery, since resend has to do a sequential search through the subscription list for each mail sent Majordomo Commands Cannot open /usr/local/majordomo/lists/freebsddiary.org/freebsddiary-announce: Permission denied OK. Some systems which are non-POSIX: SunOS 4.x, Ultrix, most BSD 4.2 and 4.3-based systems. https://extranet.gov.ab.ca/majordomo/majordomofaq.html There currently is no canned set of instructions for upgrading from an earlier release.

deliverable: mailer local, user physics-request The above would imply that you have users in /etc/passwd that match the addresses being verified, *and* the /etc/alises file is being ignored. Majordomo 2 This, of course, is bad. Valid HTML, CSS , and RSS Copyright © 1997-2016 Dan LangilleAll rights reserved Majordomo and MajorCool HOWTOPrevNext

3. The typical way to do #2 is to set restrict_post to: mylist:mylist-nomail Then, create a configuration file and password for "mylist-nomail", but DO NOT create any aliases. (If you use something

Majordomo Commands

Note that the admin passwd in the config file is not a file name, but the password itself. http://www.freebsddiary.org/majordomo-problems.php You simply have to define an alias like this: owner-sample: joe, Note the trailing comma is necessary to prevent sendmail from resolving the alias first before putting it in the header. Majordomo Mailing List Manager If the moderator wishes to approve the message for the list, then you need to tag the message as "approved" and send it to the list. Majordomo Help Click hereThis article has no commentsShow me similar articles [ HOME | TOPICS | INDEX | WEB RESOURCES | BOOKS | CONTRIBUTE | SEARCH | FEEDBACK | FAQ | FORUMS ]

It is a collection of bugfixes and minor changes. weblink Your life would be much easier if you just create additional aliases to reference the archiving and digest tools, rather than having one alias that is over 256 characters long. Next, you need to make it such that people can't find out what your -outgoing alias is. What version? Majordomo Linux

This document may be reproduced, so long as it is kept in its entirety and in its original format. What this does is the next best thing. You should just have "owner-list". 3.4 - How should I configure resend for Reply-To headers? http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-open/add-sharepoint-list-to-outlook-2010.html The problem was that if sendmail queues a message it smashes the case in command lines and addresses when the queue gets processed.

If you are having problems, please make sure you are running the very latest version of Perl (version 5.002 is known to work). What Is Majordomo The problem seems to be that flock() under Linux is broken. Don't ever set W_USER to be 0!

You can get an HTML version of this FAQ on the World Wide Web at http://www.visi.com/~barr/majordomo-faq.html.

They are complementary. Section 4: Mailer and list administration problems 4.1 - Address with blanks are being treated separatelyIf a subscriber to the list isJohn Doe < [email protected]> it gets treated these as the And find the error. Mailman Do NOT ask questions about Majordomo on the [email protected] list.

Done. Commands are sent to Majordomo via electronic mail to handle all aspects of list maintenance. Closing down the majordomo home directory has the added benefit that local users will be unable to read your list subscription files, bypassing any privacy restrictions you may have set in his comment is here There are some other new variables too.

Be sure to browse the "Changelog" file to get an idea what has changed. And no error message bounced back to me. Sendmail will not open/use any file in any directory that has group or world writable permissions unless you relax sendmail security settings. Think of three separate passwords: A master password that can be used by both resend and majordomo contained in [listname].passwd.

Unfortunately, Sendmail 8.x will log your -outgoing alias in the "Received:" lines. The files in lists have been changed to mode 700. > Copy the contents of new_servers-list back to new_servers and > delete the > new_servers-list file. For more information on setting up Majordomo with other mailers, see the following pages: qmail - ftp://ftp.eyrie.org/pub/software/majordomo/mjqmail exim - http://www.netmaster.ca/exim/majordomo.html Netscape Messaging Server 2.x and 3.x - http://interstroom.nl/docs/nsmajordomo Cyrus IMAP - If you have any questions that this FAQ doesn't cover, chances are that it is covered in the documentation in the Majordomo distribution.

Majordomo has hooks to allow transparent access to files via ftpmail (see majordomo.cf). For more info, see the Using Majordomo with qmail FAQ, written by Russ Allbery. How do I stop this? 4.9 - My list configuration doesn't seem to be working. 4.10 - How do I set it up so that the originator of a message doesn't It's also covered in section 3.10 of this FAQ. 4.9 - My list configuration doesn't seem to be working.If you changed your list configuration and the list doesn't seem to be