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Voldctl: Configuration Daemon Is Not Accessible


If you are not the intended recipient, please delete without copying and kindly advise us by e-mail of the mistake in delivery. Any RAID-5 or DRL log plexes on this disk will be unusable; any RAID-5 subdisks or mirrored plexes containing subdisks on this disk will also be unusable. The disk group should then be deported and re-imported for the changes to the log areas for the group to take effect. Message: Disk group: Errors in some configuration copies: These disks are then examined to ensure that they contain the same database copy. this contact form

VxVM vxvm-startup2 ERROR V-5-2-3656 Vold is not enabled for transactions No volumes started Seems like some Veritas internal commands can only be run in "local zone" instead of "global zone". Killing utilities in this way may make it difficult to make administrative changes to some volumes until the system is rebooted. 2. If the disk group was disabled due to a transient error (such as a cabling problem), then a future reboot may not automatically import the named disk group, due to the For example:# modload drv/sparcv9/vxio             # modload drv/sparcv9/vxdmp# modload drv/sparcv9/vxspecOnce complete, modules should be loaded as shown below:# modinfo | egrep "vxdmp|vxio|vxspec"46 fffffffff02be000  44518 221   check that

Voldctl: Configuration Daemon Is Not Accessible

Also, volumes that are remapped once are not guaranteed to be remapped to the same device number in further reboots. >>Action You should use the vxdg reminor operation to renumber all I wonder if there's any way to twist the zone definition. This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Cannot get kernel transaction state vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: Cannot This can also result from transient errors, such as cabling problems or power problems.

Here is my script to run step 1 to 3. Disks containing valid root mirrors are listed as part of the error message. San Francisco, CA bay area < This line left intentionally blank to confuse you. > Thread at a glance: Previous Message by Date: Re: What does vxinstall really do? Vxdctl Mode Not-running The reason string indicates the reason for the open failure.

This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Cannot get all disks from the kernel vxvm:vxconfigd: Additional messages may appear to indicate other records detached as a result of the disk detach. >>Action If hot-relocation is enabled, the VxVM objects affected by the disk failure may be vxlicinst > 2. https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000005977 For example:# cat /etc/name_to_major | egrep "vxdmp|vxio|vxspec"vxdmp 282vxio 283vxspec 284If these entries are missing they should be replaced by using the add_drv command which can be used to add an undefined

Hello, I am working on my Jumpstart project and running into the following problem: All OS image and Veritas packages can be installed perfectly while using Jumpstart, until the Vxconfigd Restart This message indicates a bug in that connected utility. >>Action If you are actually developing a new utility, then this error indicates a bug in your code. Unless the disk error is transient and can be fixed with a reboot, the contents of the volume should be considered lost. >>Action There is no action to be taken. Seems like my script for "vxinstall" part is not working.

Vxvm Vxiod Error V-5-1-1526 Cannot Open Vol_iod_device: No Such Device Or Address

vxencap Now, I can pass the license key to "vxlicinst" to finish step 1, but running into the next issue: I kept seeing "vxdctl needs to run in global https://sort.symantec.com/public/documents/sfha/5.1sp1/aix/productguides/html/vxvm_tshoot/ch08s03s01s46.htm Follow the instruction there to complete verification. Voldctl: Configuration Daemon Is Not Accessible Adding just swap space will probably not help because this error is most likely to occur early in the boot sequence, before swap areas have been added. Message: Mount point: Vxvm Vxdisk Error V-5-1-684 Ipc Failure: Configuration Daemon Is Not Accessible Thank You!

No Yes How can we make this article more helpful? No Yes Did this article save you the trouble of contacting technical support? This time, I take difference approach by reading the error messages I saw on the console: Step 2: run vxinstall process … Sunny Y Chen Re: [Veritas-vx] What does vxinstall really do? Vxvm Vxconfigd Error V-5-1-7840 Cannot Open /dev/vx/config: Device Is Already Open

If that does not fix the problem, then the only recourse is to restore the root or /usr file system or to reinstall the system. However, do not do that if the disk really is in a disk group that is in use by another system that is sharing this disk. Message: Disk in group: While in degraded mode, performance of the RAID-5 volume will be substantially reduced. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-the-configuration-file-vmfs-volumes-vmx.html There may be other error messages that appear which provide further information.

I am still researching what define "local zone" and "global zone", but I am guessing that since Jumpstart is mount the root disk to /a for package installation, /a is a This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Unexpected error during volume reconfiguration vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: Unexpected Unfortunately, after I modified my script to run for encapsulate with Jumpstart, the script is still not working.

Hello, Thanks for everyone's input.

If Volume Manager kernel modules are not loaded, however, this can fail with an error indicating that '/dev/vx/info' does not exist. Message: Detached disk vxvm:vxconfigd: NOTICE: Detached disk disk >>Clarification The named disk appears to have become unusable and was detached from its disk group. If the file is cleared, then locking information can be lost. The higest debug # level is 9. #debug=1 # enable debugging console ouptut Uncomment the line(s) corresponding to the feature(s) that you want enabled at startup.

NOTICE: VxVM vxdmp V-5-0-34 added disk array DISKS, datype = Disk NOTICE: VxVM vxdmp V-5-3-1700 dmpnode 271/0x0 has migrated from enclosure FAKE_ENCLR_SNO to enclosure DISKS V-5-1-0 vxvm:vxconfigd: NOTICE: Generating The following sections cover the error messages associated with the Volume Manager configuration daemon. vxconfigd Usage Messages The following are usage messages associated with vxconfigd. Does anyone know what "vxinstall" really does ( which vx commands it will call )? ############################################################# #!/bin/ksh JPBASEDIR=/a echo "Step 1: Installing Veritas License ..." # # Install his comment is here vxconfigd also supports the use of syslog() to log all of its regular console messages.

If you want to use the disk on this system, then use vxdiskadd to add the disk for use by the local system. CALL US: 1 (866) 837-4827 Solutions Unstructured Data Growth Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud Healthcare Government Products Backup and Recovery Business Continuity Storage Management Information Governance Products A-Z Services Education Services Business Critical Less likely reasons are "No such file or directory" or "No such device or address." The following are likely causes: The Veritas Volume Manager fileset installation did not complete correctly. VxVM vxvm-startup2 ERROR V-5-2-3656 Vold is not enabled for transactions No volumes started Seems like some Veritas internal commands can only be run in "local zone" instead of "global zone".

As a result, vxconfigd fails to start. I finally able to figure out that I just need to run three Veritas commands, then everything's done. 1. This will reconfigure the device node and re-install the Veritas Volume Manager kernel device drivers. This is a temporary file used to store information that is used when recovering the state of an earlier vxconfigd.

We're dual pathed and the listctlr says all is enabled: CTLR-NAME ENCLR-TYPE STATE ENCLR-NAME ===================================================== c3 SUN3510 ENABLED SUN35100 c4 SUN3510 ENABLED SUN35100 c1 Disk ENABLED Disk I've installed the ASL See the vxdisk(1M) manual page. Engle, Victor Reply via email to Search the site The Mail Archive home veritas-vx - all messages veritas-vx - about the list Expand Previous message Next message The Mail Archive home Anyone have idea what else I can do to make "vxdctl" work in Jumpstart environment?

A disk group configuration lists the recommended device number to use for each volume in the disk group. Message: signal_name [core dumped] vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: signal_name [ - core dumped ] >>Clarification The vxconfigd daemon encountered an unexpected signal while starting up. To confirm whether modules are loaded the modinfo command should be used as follows:# modinfo | grep vx161 fffffffff009b540    ca0 219   1  vxportal (VxFS 5.0_REV-5.0MP3A25_sol port)162 fffffffff06e1000 1f49f0  21 Solution Correct the problem based on the information in the error message.

Chrooting to /a is another thing to try. -- Darren Dunham [email protected] Senior Technical Consultant TAOS http://www.taos.com/ Got some Dr Pepper? This should normally never happen without first displaying a message about the database area size. Ensure that no vxvol, vxplex, or vxsd processes are running. The disk group may have to be reconstructed from scratch.

A configuration daemon process, for purposes of this discussion, is any process that opens the /dev/vx/config device (only one process can open that device at a time).