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Cannot Parse Opatch Output And Log File

Invoking OPatch Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Log file location: c:\OdiHome\cfgtoollogs\opatch\opatch2014-03-18_11-43-05AM_1.log The solution is to move the directory containing the patch in a path without space as the documentation states: NOTE: On WINDOWS, the prefrred location is the Preparing... weblink

ph Specifies the valid patch directory area. If you do not specify the location, OPatch assumes the current directory is the patch location. It can bring back the Oracle home to a stable state from patch application failures. It only updates the inventory. https://scn.sap.com/thread/1982476

Backing up files affected by the patch '9654983' for rollback. Inventory check OK: Patch ID 9655006 is registered in Oracle Home inventory with proper meta-data. report Prints the action to the screen without executing it. All rights reserved..

You use this option with the pre option. UTIL session Oracle Home : /opt/oracle/grid11/ Central Inventory : /opt/oracle/oraInventory from : /etc/oraInst.loc OPatch version : OUI version : OUI location : /opt/oracle/grid11/ Log file location : /opt/oracle/grid11/ Total patches installed: 2Validating logfiles… Patch 22139226 apply: SUCCESS logfile: /oracle/fctoolq/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/22139226/19729684/22139226_apply_FCTOOLQ_2016Feb25_06_04_51.log (no errors) Patch 21948354 apply: SUCCESS logfile: /oracle/fctoolq/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/21948354/19553095/21948354_apply_FCTOOLQ_2016Feb25_06_04_51.log (no errors) SQL Patching tool complete on Thu Feb 25 06:04:55 2016 verbose Prints additional OPatch output to the screen as well as to the log file.

OPatch succeeded. Otherwise, the option is false. Consequently, Oracle recommends that you have sufficient system space to accommodate the patch and the backup information. no_sysmod Specifies that OPatch does not need to update the files in the system.

Container: STANDALONE. Fortunately the XML stylesheet is also presented using DBMS_QOPATCH.GET_OPATCH_XSLT function. It's based on an external table using a directory object running an external batch file (through the external table preprocessor option) which then runs the actual OPatch utility.And we can query OPatch succeeded.

Oracle Home : /home/oracle_TEST/product/11.1.0/db_1 Central Inventory : /home/OUIHome_Opatch from : /home/oracle_TEST/product/11.1.0/db_1/oraInst.loc OPatch version : OUI version : OUI location : /home/oracle_TEST/product/11.1.0/db_1/oui Log file location : /home/oracle_ TEST/product/11.1.0/db1/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch-2008_May_25_11-09-34-IST_Wed.log Patch history no_relink This option does not perform any make operations. Port: 20910. I´ve declared:-ORACLE_HOME = /oracle/SID/112_64-There must be no processes running from the Oracle Home-slibcleanI get this first error and after that I cannot update the different patches.Processing patch "SAP11203P_1309-20009977.zip!SBP_112037_201309!16619892!13343438"...(1 of 98)Processing patch

get_base_bug Retrieves bugs fixed by the patch. have a peek at these guys It runs on Oracle homes without Oracle Universal Installer Patches are a small collection of files copied over to an existing installation. Both using DBMS_QOPATCH and even the back-port to 11g is actually pretty easy. OPatch will not work properly in this case and will corrupt the home.

no_sysmod Specifies that OPatch does not need to update the files in the system. Interoperating between standalone and OUI-based patches Since you cannot migrate a home from standalone to OUI-based and vice versa, OPatch does not support interoperability between standalone and OUI-based Oracle homes. The Oracle 11g successfully installed in /oracle/IDS/11202 but the folder (sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgrade/) is not created/missing under /oracle/IDS/11202. http://ecoflashapps.com/cannot-parse/cannot-parse-file-png.html Please read this note carefully.   Rgds, Sachin 0 0 11/22/13--06:21: Re: GRC 10 Invalid FF Log Report Contact us about this article Hello,   could you please check many batch

This takes precedence over the environment variable ORACLE_HOME. Please shutdown Oracle instances running out of this ORACLE_HOME on the local system. (Oracle Home = '/opt/oracle/grid11/') Is the local system ready for patching? [y|n] y User Responded with: Y Syntax Use the following syntax for this command: /opatch auto [-rollback [patch_location]] [[patch_location]-oh ,...] | [[patch_location]-och ] ...

Successfully unlock /opt/oracle/grid11/ Invoking OPatch Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle Corporation.

startup upgrade ./datapatch -verbosewith a as (select dbms_qopatch.get_opatch_lsinventory patch_output from dual) select x.*,s.status, s.action from a, xmltable(‘InventoryInstance/patches/*' passing a.patch_output columns patch_id number path ‘patchID', -- patch_uid number path ‘uniquePatchID', description varchar2(80) For information on standalone patching and the available options for commands, see "Standalone Patching". However, standalone patching does not provide the following services that OUI-based patching provides. You must enclose the value of this option in double-quotes.

For simplicity I'm keeping the name and structure of each the same as in 12c but of course you can adjust them if desired.Using DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL on an Oracle 12c database I No further installation is required.To install a newer version of the upgrade scripts -if available-, download the patch from SAP service marketplace and install it:https://service.sap.com/swdc-> Database Patches-> Oracle-> Oracle -> Database See "Rollback Command for OUI-based Oracle Homes" for more information. this content query Queries a given patch for specific details.

If the Oracle home does not have JDK, you have to use the -jdk option in OPatch to provide an alternate location. One comment Leave a comment » Patching the database « Julian Dontcheff's Database Blog May 5th, 2011 04:28 : […] try opatch auto! detail Reports the installed products and other details. and we defined it as per our need its going fine..     Regards, Prasant 0 0 11/22/13--06:21: Re: Is RIGHT() right?

For example, if you run opatch lsinventory on a JDeveloper Oracle Home, OPatch shows a list of patches applied on the home. Patching component oracle.crs, You can also use this JDBC URL connection form: jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:port/servicenameThe case of the user is important: SUPERVISOR is not the same that supervisor Specifying a New Wallet Password: Without. retry Specifies how many times OPatch should retry when there is an inventory lock failure.

For more information on updating the node list, see the Oracle Universal Installer User's Guide. OPatch succeeded. UTIL session Oracle Home : /opt/oracle/grid11/ Central Inventory : /opt/oracle/oraInventory from : /etc/oraInst.loc OPatch version : OUI version : OUI location : /opt/oracle/grid11/ Log file location : /opt/oracle/grid11/ OPatch also backs up the inventory information.

Container: STANDALONE. jre Specifies the location of a particular JRE (Java) for OPatch to use instead of the default location under the Oracle home directory. opatch_post_end Marks the end of the post option. You can use it during multiple patch applications and to perform the linking step only once.

By using the command line. On Windows, this means the same \ should have administrative privileges on all the cluster machines, and the machines should be a member of the . Table 7-5 Lsinventory Options for OUI Patches Option Description all Reports the name and installation directory for each Oracle home directory found. Options Table 7-3 lists the options available for this command.

You need to enclose the values for this option in double-quotes.